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Low Price Guaranteed Quality Electric Room Carbon Fiber Heater

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Wall panel room heater / Wall Vertical mounted heater / LED display

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fast heating, within 2 minutes temperature can be up to the rated temperature
  • Easy to operate, no need technical skills, no need daily maintenance.
  • Energy saving 40.94% than common oil heater.
  • Dual over temperature protection for precise temperature control and turn over protection, overheat intelligent power off multiple safety protection.
  • Intelligent variable frequency control with adjustable LED thermostat.

Product Details

Its advantages are pollution-free, clean, energy saving and environmental protection, warm and comfortable, safe and durable. It is especially suitable for the government to promote it to residents' families and pubics, just as kindergarten ,school ,goverment office, livestock breeding etc.You can also promote this program to the residents as a government welfare. home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, yoga room, bathroom, hospital, petrol or gas station, industry heat preservation and vegetable greenhouse, etc

Jiyuan Sunking Electric Heating co.ltd

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